Upper Manhattan includes 6 sections of Harlem, Washington Heights and Inwood. The guides and Historic District documents below are not a comprehensive list of all the great buildings uptown, but rather considered a good starting point.

Morningside Heights – Historic Buildings

Morningside Heights is home to parks on the eastern and western borders, one of the largest catherdrals in the world, seminary row and top educational institutions such as Columbia University, Barnard and Teacher’s College.

Hamilton Heights – Historic Buildings

Hamilton Heights has multiple micro neighborhoods such as Sugar Hill, The Grange, etc. that has been mostly unchanged architecture the last 50+ years

Hamilton Grange – Historic District

The Hamilton Grange Historic Distict contains land that was part of Alexander Hamilton’s estate. Alexander Hamilton’s house has moved twice within the neighborhood.

Audubon Park – Historic District

This district is named for the famous naturalist John James Audubon – known in pop culture for the Audubon Society and former owner of the land in this southwest section of Washington Heights

Sugar Hill Landmarks

At present the Sugar Hill neighborhood is considered 145th St to 155th st- from Amsterdam Ave to Edgecombe though some recognize a portion of the neighborhood extends a bit further north

Sugar Hill District Extension

This report details the 15 buildings that were added to the Sugar Hill District in the area of 149th Street and 150th Street. There are also extensions to the North East and the North West not documented here

Inwood Historic Buildings

Inwood is the furthest north neighborhood still geographically attached to Manhattan. The neighborhood is defined as having almost as much largely untouched parkland as it does developed city space.

Mt. Morris Park Historic District

Mount Morris Park a.k.a. Marcus Garvey Park, is filled with architectural treasures, including the building that was the early model of the Apthorp on the UWS. Most of the buildings in this part of Central Harlem are pre-war era.

East Harlem Historic Buildings

East Harlem has a smaller population of historic structures due to restructuring of the neighborhood by Robert Moses, but some early and/or architurally signficant structures have remained. East Harlem is well known for Patsy’s Pizza, Rao’s restaurant and it’s many public murals.