Adam Feinberg – Creator of the Harlem Stories Podcast

Why did I become a broker?

Like some of my clients, I had a terrible experience working with a real estate agent when I purchased my apartment. I later joined my condo board, initially as Treasurer, then as President. I learned two things from that experience, first that I enjoyed working in real estate and second, with past board members working in real estate and not truly understanding what they were selling, this gave me an advantage. After years of considering other careers, I took the leap to real estate and promised myself that none of my clients would experience the poor service I received . I take that promise seriously, and my clients love that about me.

What was my career before real estate?

I spent 16+ years working in capital markets at investment banks, a commodities and derivatives exchange and as a  hedge fund administrator.  In the early portion of my career I worked with products ranging from Equities, Mortgage Back Securities, Foreign Exchange and even Precious Metals Structured Derivatives. I enjoyed teaching and moved into Learning and Development (L&D) where I designed the entire L&D Infrastructure for a firm and department, designed individual courses and taught many courses ranging from Compliance, Regulatory, Financial Products, HR, IT and Management courses to thousands of professionals.

What does being an advisor mean to me?

Throughout my life I have been told that I would excel working in sales…though I never wanted to be a salesman. In an advisory role, I have the opportunity to be an educator, a subject matter expert and a shoulder to lean on when making difficult life changing decisions. Just a few examples some advisory discussions:

·       Review a buyer’s finances and discuss how the highest bid doesn’t always win

·       Conversations regarding how 1031 exchanges can build generational wealth

·       Discuss how Purchase CEMA’s can fill the gap on a deal

·       Review the upside of delayed financing and recast features of a mortgage

Operating as an Advisor, rather than simply  a salesperson, I  have the opportunity to be  completely engaged and develop lasting relationships with my clients, which is what I truly enjoy and keep me motivated.

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