Shahla – Zillow 9/10/18

When we started to work with Adam, we didn’t realize we had started what would become a life long professional friendship.
Adam ALWAYS (and I don’t use this word lightly but in this case it stands true) stepped over and above any expectation to deliver facts, provide professional guidance and the added touch of sharing relevant personal experiences which supported our decision making. We continually were wowed by Adam’s dedication to his clients and his in-depth knowledge he so willingly shared. Somehow Adam didn’t leave any questions unanswered. He magically would live in our head and guess the next few questions that we might have yet to conjure and respond to them before we even knew it would be a question to be asked! Adam made us feel we were his ONLY clients spoiling us with his full & focused attention. It’s note worthy that we were working with Adam long-distance which required more communication than possibly most in-state clients. Adam made himself available for our emails, calls, texts and in-person visits. He made our 3 hour coast to coast time difference feel like we were neighbors with his 24/7 accessibility. Adam is truly an impressive individual with unparalleled professional work ethics and a uniquely intunned awareness that’s key to his success. In working with Adam, we have gained intellectually, professionally, emotionally and financially. I personally have never met someone more capable as Adam in his field (and frankly in the greater fields related to purchasing real-estate such as legal and accounting guidance). We HIGHLY recommend Adam with full confidence!